Mission SABA is established to facilitate the...
Goal Awareness raising, education of Afghan citizens...
Vision A developed Afghanistan with a strong civil society...
Scopes of Work The scopes of SMO’s work includes...



* SMO was established in 1997 as a not-for-profit media organization publishing a monthly periodical in Peshawar with the
name of " Saba Magazine".

* In 2002, set-up shifted to Kabul with the name of " Saba Publication Center(SPC)".

* Till 2004, SPC was only involved in Print Media and was printing Saba Weekly Magazine and publishing of books.

* In 2005, the management decided to enter into electronic media and the result was Radio Nawa & Digital Audi Visual
Production Unit and the name Saba Publication Center (SPC) shifted to Saba Media Organization (SMO).

* In 2007, the second channel of Radio Nawa was launched mainly in the Pashto language.

* In 2008, a new initiative of the organization, Saba Television started its telecast in five main cities of the country.

* The scope of SMO's work include Printed Media, Radio, Television and Web-based publications.